A new pandemic may appear in the next twenty years, according to Bill Gates, as a consequence of climate change

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Diario, predicted with a 50% probability a new pandemic that could await humanity in the next 20 years from a virus that is already known, for example, from the flu or coronavirus, but there is another scenario.


As Bill Gates said, “It could be something else. It could be a human-made virus, a bioterrorist who developed it and deliberately spread it. This is a very scary scenario. Or it could be something that comes out of the natural world. The human population is growing and we are invading new ecosystems. That is why I have calculated that there is a 50% chance that in the next twenty years we will have a naturally occurring pandemic as a consequence of climate change.”


Bill Gates proposes the creation of a "global epidemic response and mobilization team" similar to firefighters in order to effectively fight pandemics and proposed to increase the budget of the World Health Organization (WHO) by 25%.


Earlier, Bill Gates said that he would release a book on preventing a new pandemic, where he would offer concrete steps that the world can take to save lives, and even at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Gates predicted that it would end in 2022. The Gates Foundation has donated $650 million to fight the coronavirus.