VIDEO: there is not punishment on Chinese trains for people who make noise in the carriage

Complaints about the noisy behavior of passengers on Chinese trains periodically appear in foreign Wechat groups. A landmark case has been discussed in recent days on the Chinese Internet - a whole group of people behaved noisily in the car of one of the Chinese trains for a long time (see the video at the top of this article).


On July 20, a video posted by a WeChat user reportedly showed a group of people singing and dancing on a Chinese train, some getting up from their seats and walking down the aisles, some not wearing masks due to the heat, and some even standing in their seats and dancing. One passenger wrote: “I have been on the train countless times in my life. For the first time I encountered these groups of people dancing wildly. I listened to their fun on the train all day.”


The passengers called the train workers to stop these noisy people, these people stopped briefly after talking with the train conductor, but then resumed their noisy fun again.


Some passengers could not stand the noise and preferred to run to the next compartment. When the passengers called China Railways on 12306, the relevant staff explained that if a passenger makes a loud noise in the car and affects other people, the passenger can report it to the maintenance staff in the car so that the car conductor will convince these people to stop making noise, but as long as there are no appropriate penalties for such behavior.