Mountain biking with trails opened in Baotin County, Hainan Island, China

Recently, a new line of mountain tourism and mountain tropical sports has been launched in Baotin District on Hainan Island, China, which combines the Baotin rainforest, natural scenic spots, cultural relics of Li and Miao, bases for the collection of agricultural products and a special mountain bike path.


A bicycle line will run from the countryside to the cliffs of the waterfall in Baotin district, with a total length of about 40 kilometers.  In the Baotin district on Hainan Island, the “green”, “blue” and “black” levels of difficulty are now located with specially worked blinkers, drops, counter slopes, sharp turns and rhythm sections from 390 to 993 meters.


You can come with your bike or choose a specially prepared bike and all the necessary equipment for hire. For children in Baotin County on Hainan Island, there are special bike trailers for parent bikes. You can also rent a rickshaw for all family members, and ride through the surrounding areas.


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Создано: 14 июля 2019