The first heart transplant was successfully completed in Hainan - any organ transplant is possible on Hainan Island, China

The first heart transplant was successfully completed at Hai Second Hospital, and Hainan has the ability to perform all major organ transplant operations.


Mr. Xu's recently implanted heart of a Hainan patient began to beat rhythmically, the first heart transplant in our province was in the Second Branch of Hainan Medical College. The operation in the hospital (hereinafter referred to as the Second College of Medicine) was successfully completed. Today, our province has the ability to perform all major organ transplant surgeries, and its comprehensive medical care capabilities have been further improved.


With the help of high-quality medical facilities outside the province, the introduction of talent, and the development of the healthcare industry, the level of health care in Hainan has continued to improve. Currently, patients outside of Hainan Province are moving to Hainan Island to seek medical attention.


Back in July 2018, the organ transplantation department of the second hospital of Hai Medical College was established, which, on the basis of qualifications for a kidney transplant, received national qualifications in liver, heart and lung transplantation in October 2019.


Completing a number of complex surgeries in our province, such as in vivo liver transplantation, ABO incompatible kidney transplantation, pancreas transplantation, and pancreas and kidney transplantation, significantly improved the overall level of organ transplantation in this hospital. On December 20, 2019, the hospital successfully completed the first double lung transplant surgery in the province, and the success of this transplant surgery filled the gap in solid organ transplantation in Hainan. Currently, all major organ transplant surgeries have been completed in Hainan, and these patients no longer need to travel to the island for treatment.


Currently, Hainan Province has been consistently introducing the following slogans into local medicine: “do not leave the island for ophthalmic diseases”, “do not leave the island for serious tumors”, “do not leave the island for organ transplantation”, and so on. In the process of gradually realizing that “no serious illness leaves the island”, a phenomenon is also observed when patients outside the province enter the island for treatment.


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