At Hainan University opened the Research Institute of Public Health

Health Research Institute opened at Hainan University - Gao Fu, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, delivered a speech on the Internet. He noted that people shared the same fate in matters of health. Today, with a new epidemic sweeping the world, health research is especially important. The establishment of the Institute of General Health of Hainan University is a response to the needs of the times, development trends, and is of great importance. He stressed the need to explore the sustainable development mechanism that brings together universities, research institutes and third-party service agencies across the country to prevent and control diseases, and quickly detect and proactively respond to various epidemics. He said he would be actively involved in the construction of a research institute to foster new advances in disease prevention and control research.


On behalf of Hainan University, Luo Qingming, Academician and President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, expressed gratitude to the experts for their visit and strong support. He said that general health is a new concept that refers to the integration of human health, animal health and environmental health into a whole, including people, animals and the environment; it is a new strategy for interdisciplinary, interagency and interagency collaboration. regional cooperation and communication. As a universal university, Hainan University has clear health disciplinary advantages. After a long preparation, the Hainan University Population Health Institute, led by Hainan University and jointly established by the Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other departments, can not only establish interdisciplinary and interagency cooperation, but also attract talent and gather resources to form an integrated group of medical disciplines with characteristics of Hainan.


The Institute will deal with the four main tasks of health education, research, international cooperation and industrial development, as well as interdisciplinary and interagency cooperation and exchange. Hainan University will create a first-class comprehensive platform for health research and innovation with the Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Haikou People's Hospital and the Hainan Provincial Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center. a global Hainan-specific health discipline group that has cultivated national or provincial major research projects and develops national or provincial talent. The participants discussed in detail the directions of development and positioning, the mode of operation and cooperation of the Institute of Health. Gao Fu gave an academic presentation on the prevention and control of infectious diseases in a new era, Chen Guoqiang made an academic presentation entitled "Consolidating the concept of universal health and promoting a new view of human health."


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