Hainan Island, China exhibition industry has brought a profit of 3.770 billion yuan in 2020

As of the third quarter of 2020, the Hainan exhibition industry achieved profit of 3.770 billion yuan, down 23.7% year on year, and the decline rate was 8.3 percentage points lower than the second quarter; total revenue was 12.94 billion yuan, down 32.1% from the second quarter. Among them, the direct income from the convention and exhibition industry is 1.636 billion yuan (direct income from conference services is 658 million yuan and direct income from exhibition services is 978 million yuan), and indirect income is 11.304 billion yuan.


Hainan Province has hosted a total of 1,376,200 exhibition and related employees, of which 78.4% are located in the province and 21.6% outside the province. The average time spent by participants was 3.1 days, 0.6 days more than in the same period last year; per capita consumption was 2,480 yuan, an increase of 7.4% over the same period last year (2,310 yuan).


As of the end of September 2020, the province has hosted 35 meetings and 18 exhibitions with over 1,000 participants in an exhibition area of ​​402,000 square meters. Hainan has successively held in Haikou the (second) 2020 International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Exhibition, the 13th (International) China Health Industry Environmental Conference, China Green Company 2020 Annual Conference, New Energy Vehicle World Conference 2020, etc. e. The approval of high quality exhibitions has improved the overall level of the Hainan convention and exhibition industry.


Over the first three quarters, the following trends were observed in the Hainan convention and exhibition industry: Firstly, the number of conferences with more than 1000 participants decreased, mainly due to the impact of the epidemic. The planned single large-scale conference was split into several small and medium-sized conferences. Secondly, the average exhibition area per exhibition increased from 8,231 square meters in the same period last year to 22,300 square meters, an increase of 1.7 times over the same period last year. Thirdly, the economic effect of one exhibition project has increased 1.18 times compared to the same period last year.


Thanks to the convention and exhibition industry, (indirect) revenue from related industries reached RMB 11.304 billion. Among them, income from the transport industry - 2.25 billion yuan, income from the housing industry - 1.766 billion yuan, income from the catering industry - 1.037 billion yuan, income from the cultural, sports and entertainment industry - 1.278 billion yuan, and retail income - 957 million yuan, leasing and business services income 18.26 billion yuan. Income from other services amounted to RMB 2.190 billion, accounting for 19.9%, 15.6%, 9.2%, 11.3%, 8.5%, 16.2% and 19.3%. The driving factor of the congresses and exhibitions industry reached 7.9, further increasing the economic driving effect of related industries.


The province's existing professional exhibition halls are about 55,000 square meters and the multifunctional conference rooms are about 247,700 square meters (including hotels), including the Boao Forum for Asia International Convention Center, Hainan International Exhibition and Convention Center and the International Convention Center. Sanya Mangrove. The second phase of the construction of the Hainan International Exhibition and Convention Center has been completed and is awaiting acceptance. Construction of the Sanya Haitang Bay Poly Exhibition and Convention Center and the Danzhou Haihua Island International Exhibition and Convention Center is currently underway. After the completion of the project, Hainan's exhibition area can reach 206,000 square meters, and the conference area can be restored. It reaches 289,800 square meters, which is the national average.


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