For the first time on Hainan Island, China, a robot conducted a medical operation of the hip joint with a remote control 5G

Recently, using the 5G China Mobile network, the Orthopedics Department of the Hainan General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army successfully conducted remote manipulations using a robotic hip joint arthroplasty using a Mako robot.


The patient's condition is congenital dysplasia of the acetabulum, severe osteoarthritis of the hip joint caused by a dislocation of the hip, and surgery to replace the hip was difficult. During the operation, the Beijing group of expert instructors with a small delay checked the workflow and the robot control screen, and also carried out remote control and adjustment in real time.


Together with the surgical team, the robot Mako was registered in the area of ​​operation. Before final installation of the acetabular component, a team of doctors from Beijing adjusted the acetabular prosthesis in real time with the help of a Mako robot under the 5G network. The installation angle and depth control ensured a safe and successful completion of the operation.


According to reports, robotic surgery is a revolutionary technique for joint surgery. It can help doctors perform every operation in a standardized and accurate manner. A lesser injury can lead to faster patient recovery, and accuracy can be close to 100%.


The Mako surgical auxiliary robotic arm system is a modern international auxiliary device for artificial surgery with joint replacement. Telemedicine has extremely high demands on surgery. The network environment should have low latency and high reliability. This is the support of 5G communication technology, which makes it possible to truly safely use remote surgery in clinical use.


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