The first international summit on the development of beach sports and tourism was held in Sanya, Hainan, China

The first international summit on the development of beach sports and tourism was held in Sanya, in which companies involved in beach sports and water sports took part.


The theme of the summit on the development of beach sports and tourism is “A new driving force for sports and recreation”. Guests on this topic focused on the introduction, cultivation and development of beach sports and sports brands, then drew attention to the sports industry in order to expand domestic demand, promote the transformation and renewal of the economic structure, as well as stimulate employment and development.


Xu Xianghong, deputy director of the Hainan Tourism and Tourism Department, introduced participants to tropical Hainan resources and preparations for the 2020 Beach Games, and said that Hainan has very rich tropical beach resources and is a natural sports ground for beach sports. Asian beach games will make Hainan the center of the world. Hainan will organically combine Hainan culture with international factors, attract high-quality marine resources and tourist cities, and will also contribute to the modernization and development of cities through exciting events and the development of the beach sports industry.


Sanya has a coastline of 258.6 km, 19 bays and 40 large and small islands, which gives water sports, beach sports and outdoor sports an advantage in natural resources. Zhou Jun, deputy mayor of Sanya, said that compared to traditional maritime tourism projects, beach sports are still on the rise in Sanya. An important goal is that Sanya will continue to promote the development of the industry, relying on the resources of tropical beaches to incubate a series of beach vacations and national fitness sports goods that tourists like and welcome.


As an attractive sport for recreation, more and more people prefer beach sports, and its development path can serve as a good guide for the development of sports and leisure. The participants held in-depth exchanges and discussions about the development of the sports and leisure industry based on their rich experience in the implementation of the construction of a national fitness center.


It is reported that the event was organized by the Department of Tourism and Culture, Television and Sports of Hainan Province and the People’s Government of Sanya City and the Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports Bureau.


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