Prices may rise by 50% for tickets to China from Russia and from other countries by 10-20%

Yesterday, several major Russian media reported that in 2022, Russian airlines will increase ticket prices by at least one and a half times. At the same time, Russia is expected to reduce demand for travel by 20%. Traditionally, this may cause an increase in prices for air tickets for international flights from Russia, including to China.


It is expected that the average price of one flight over Russian territory in 2022 will increase from 9,000 rubles to 14,000 rubles. The increase in airfare in 2022 is associated with a serious rise in the price of kerosene and the fall of the ruble. The latter reason will affect the leasing of aircraft from foreign companies, which will lead to an increase in ticket prices by one and a half times.


Recall that in mid-March, Bermuda suspended the flight certificates of Russian airliners. About 95% of all aircraft used by the Russian Federation had the nationality of Bermuda, as well as Ireland and Great Britain. However, later Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that provides for the airlines to maintain the fleet of aircraft belonging to other countries and operate them.


At the same time, Russian air carriers have significantly reduced the list of countries where they can fly, currently 21 countries are open for flights from Russia.

If the price of oil does not fall, then there is a possibility of an increase in prices for air travel in other countries of the world, on average by 10-20%.