Yanoda Rainforest in Sanya on Hainan Island opens the season of summer discounts until September 30, 2019

Hainan Yanoda's scenic rainforest area launches special summer discounts until September 30, 2019 on the official website, WeChat Mall, Ctrip, Meituan and other online channels with a special ticket worth 198 yuan for parents and children, including stage tickets both ends.


 In addition, from now until August 30, residents and students of Sanya on Hainan Island can buy tickets at 168 yuan with the presentation of documents (Hainan ID / residence permit / social security card / student ID) in the ticket sales window. You can also get tickets for round trips, waterfalls or viewing points, as well as refreshments, based on this package.


Also in the zone of tropical forests, Yanoda has established a variety of online and offline discounts for tourist groups aimed at implementing measures to improve tourism and provide tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the rainforest.


The cultural tourism zone of Yanoda is a major international tourist zone for recreation and entertainment, combining folk customs, attractions, entertainment, recreation and health, as well as a health complex, which presents ecological culture, folk culture, nationality Li, Miao culture, culture of southern medicine health culture, as well as special attractions and tourist activities.


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