Sanya City Opens Tourism Promotion Centers in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung in Taiwan

Sanya Tourism Bureau and Coke Tourism-Kangfu Travel Ltd have set up tourism promotion centers in Taiwan to help promote tourism from Sanya in Taiwan and attract more Taiwanese tourists.


Sanya tourism promotion centers in Taiwan are reported to include a Sanya tourism promotion center in Taipei, a Sanya tourism promotion center in Taichung and a Sanya tourism promotion center in Kaohsiung.


Taiwan is currently Sanya's second largest inbound tourism source market and an important traditional tourist destination market for Sanya. There are currently 4 routes between Taiwan and Hainan, as well as 16 flights per week. Among them, Haikou Meilan International Airport serves two Taiwanese routes and Sanya Phoenix International Airport is also two Taiwanese, Sanya is actively planning to add new direct flights to Sanya-Kaohsiung.


The relevant person in charge of the Sanya Tourism Bureau stated that the establishment of Sanya tourism centers in Taiwan helps to jointly improve the quality of tourism services and create safer, more guaranteed and more comfortable travels for tourists from Taiwan. Tourism products for Taiwanese tourists will use accurate advertising and marketing methods to facilitate further cooperation, ensure a stable and mutual exchange of customers and contribute to the quality development of the tourism industry.


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