Statistics of the educational services market in Hainan Island, China in 2020 and prospects for 2021

2020 saw a major breakthrough in creating international educational innovation in Hainan Island, China. The quality of education has improved significantly, with 38 new compulsory schools (including refurbishment and expansion) opened in the province. In 2021, the province is expected to make efforts to promote “two ratios” in early childhood education (the proportion of children attending public kindergartens reaches 50%, and coverage of inclusive kindergartens will increase to 80%) from 24.5% in 2020. , while focusing on the needs of free trade port construction, optimize the setting of disciplines and specialties.


It is worth mentioning that in 2021 the system of international innovation in education will become more and more perfect, the project will lead to the accumulation of momentum, and institutional innovation will actually release the viability of development. According to statistics, Hainan Province signed contracts to open 36 well-known domestic and foreign universities and 51 well-known domestic and foreign primary and secondary schools, a total of 110 educational projects were signed, 400 projects were started, and the total investment amounted to nearly $ 30 billion. yuan.


It is reported that in 2021, the provincial education system will take the lead in aligning with the national strategy and needs of the Hainan Free Trade Port, building a high-quality public education service system, promoting the comprehensive development of vocational education, promoting quality and innovation in higher education, and promoting the consolidation of education and the fight against poverty. The results of tackling complex problems are effectively linked to rural revitalization.


Back in May 2019, the Institute of Oceanography of the China Oceanographic University was officially registered and established in Sanya. With the active support of the Ministry of Education, from March 2021, the Ocean University of China will organize admission to graduate school in the city of science and education Sanya Yazhou, mainly in marine sciences, fisheries and other useful disciplines, and fully meet the needs of highly qualified specialists, the level of talent in Hainan. In September 2020, 173 graduate students of vocational education settled in Sanya. As of the end of November, the school has selected 120 outstanding teachers and specialists for Hainan and has built 48 interdisciplinary shared courses that have generated valuable experience for the highly effective teaching of Yazhou Bay science and technology talents.


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