Creation of unusual banners, video ads and video business cards for medical clinics

Created: 25 May 2022

Many large medical clinics have rather unprepossessing sites where there is no modern 3D graphics and modern video effects, which does not distinguish the sites of these medical clinics from many other sites, so the flow of clients from such sites is very low.


But there is an opportunity for your company to change this sad situation - place video ads and video banners with sound on your sites, which will not only make your sites truly original, but also make your customers visit your sites again and again - for this you need to order the production of video ads and video banners in our company.


Our company can make video ads and banners of any size and complexity, in almost any format, with a variety of special effects, with a variety of sound effects, but for example, so that you can evaluate our capabilities, here is one of the options for video ads and banners for a law firm of various sizes, which you can either place on your company's website or download to the TV screen in the reception of your company and use as a kind of video business card, attaching this video, which will be played automatically, to the text of your business letters.

An example of a video banner and video business card for a law firm (uploaded to the site and played with sound (or without sound) automatically (view on the website):


 The cost of services of PRAGMA LLC for the creation of video banners and video advertising is from 60 thousand rubles - to order this service, write to E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.