In Sanya on the island of Hainan, China, there are cases of fraud through SMS with bank cards with air tickets and train tickets

The police of Sanya and Haikou cities reported cases of fraud through SMS with bank cards with air tickets and train tickets.

So, at 3.30 pm on August 8, 2018 Luo, a tourist from Ganyou County, Shaanxi Province, had dinner with his family at the Pizza Hut restaurant in Sanya, they were going to take the train to Meilan Airport on the same day and go back to their hometown, but at that time Lo suddenly received a text message, SMS reported that the flight he was about to take was canceled due to weather conditions. You need to call the customer service number to change or return the ticket. The text message also states that "canceling the flight compensates the passenger for a flight delay of 300 yuan."

Luo did not think much, he dialed the number in a text message and said the card number in accordance with the requirements of "Customer Service", and then sent the client 5 verification codes received by phone, immediately the mobile phone Lo received 5 messages, that was spent a total of 9,995 yuan. At this time, Lo realized that he had been deceived and immediately turned to the police.

The police station of Sanya Station made an emergency stop for the bank account, but the funds were transferred by scammers. The case is still under investigation.

Railway police Sanya reminds that airlines in the background will never allow customers to make any transactions related to money through online banking, Alipay. After receiving such a text message, be sure to call 114 to check the official service number of the airline, check the situation by phone.