Hainan Branch of China Launch Rocket Academy (Rocket Academy) to open in Wenchang

The Hainan branch of the China Launch Rocket Academy (Rocket Academy) will open at the Wenchang International Space City on Hainan Island.


According to the plan, the Hainan Rocket Academy branch will be located in the Wenchang International Aerospace City. It will focus on building a large scientific and technical base for aerospace innovation, as well as innovative research and development in the advanced field of the aerospace industry, ensuring the country's core engineering challenges, commercial aerospace and industrial landing, etc.


The Hainan Branch of the Rocket Academy will consist of the following departments: Commercial Aerospace Zone, General Testing Base of the Large Aerospace Projects Assembly, Integrated Support Zone, Cultural Industry Zone, five functional zones aimed at developing a group of leading companies with key competitiveness and jointly establishing a demonstration industrial base for integration of innovative aerospace technologies.


The construction of the Academy guarantees the implementation of major national aerospace projects such as deep space exploration and manned moon landing, as well as the construction of the China Aerospace Center for International Cooperation and Exchange and a complex of aerospace talents to meet the needs of international aerospace exchanges, cooperation and exchanges in ascending and subsequent industrial chains of the aerospace industry, aerospace international exhibitions, conferences and business, and to promote innovation in the aerospace cultural industry cooperation model, popularize aerospace knowledge, and provide cross-industry and diversified aerospace spiritual cultures, popular science education and interactive entertainment services at home and abroad.


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