How to insert a link to WeChat in Douyin: instructions and procedure for generating links to insert in comments on a Douyin video

In general, if you try to move from Douyin to Wechat, you will get a message that "The application has not been authorized to enter Wechat", and many users may think that you cannot move from Douyin to Wechat due to software obstacles between Douyin and wechat.

But this is not the case, we only need to use a tool that has obtained WeChat login permission to achieve the goal of switching from Douyin to WeChat.


You can see a blue logo in the lower left corner of the video, and a line of text links to the right of the logo. When the user clicks on the link, they can be taken to the official WeChat account. A Douyin official said that WeChat's problem is that WeChat does not authorize going to Douyin, but Douyin does not officially prevent users from using WeChat links.


How to go:


Step 1: Open the transition tool, log in with your mobile number, and then click "Create Now Free" on the next page to go to the next page.


Step 2: Select the type of page you want to go to. As an example, take the official WeChat account that you need to link to, and then proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Fill in the name of the external chain from top to bottom and the link to your official WeChat account and click "Create Promotion Link for Free".


Step 4: Find the newly generated external link in the list of external links, copy and paste it into the comment area of ​​the Douyin video, and attach it to complete.

This is quite simple, but if you wish, you can order a photo instruction with screenshots from our Chinese company for a fee, which describes the above procedure.