Marine ecological restoration and beach sand filling takes place in the eastern part of Sanya Bay, Hainan Island, China

The Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning of Sanya City reported that at the end of June 2019 a project was launched on the ecological restoration of the beach with sand in the eastern part of Sanya Bay, Hainan Island, China. It is estimated that the amount of sand added will be 60,000 cubic meters.


In recent years, the beaches in the eastern part of Sanya Bay have been badly damaged. In 2014, a project for the artificial fixation of sand was implemented, the volume of which amounted to about 200,000 square meters. Currently, five years have passed since the first replenishment of artificial sand. The situation with the loss of sediment is consistent with previous project expectations, and it needs to be replenished, and it also reached the replenishment cycle of the previous project.


In 2017, the Central Environmental Inspector of Sanya City pointed out the need for comprehensive repair of beaches, marine living resources and coral ecosystems that were destroyed around Phoenix Island.


In accordance with the requirements, Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Port Development Co. Ltd. has opened a project for artificial sand fixation in Sanya Bay, which is also one of the second stages of the Phoenix Island marine environment restoration project.


After reviewing and demonstrating the time to implement the project to restore the marine environment at the second stage on Phoenix Island basically coincides with the requirements for restoring the eastern part of Sanya Bay and can be implemented as a project to replenish artificial sand in Sanya Bay, the entire project is designed for four months.


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