Seven new municipal hospitals will open in Sanya on Hainan, China in 2020

Recently, the Sanya City Natural Resources and Planning Authority announced the “Supervised Detailed Planning (Review and Integration) of the Sanya City Center”, which mentioned that seven new municipal hospitals will open in Sanya on Hainan Island, China in 2020.  


55 medical and health centers will be included in the conversion plan, among them 7 new municipal hospitals are planned, namely: a psychiatric hospital (Southern Mental Health Center), Sanya Infectious Diseases Hospital, Baopo Sanya City Planning Hospital, Sanya Emergency Medical Center, Hailuo International Hospital , Sanya College Hospital, Dabinghe General Hospital, Sanya People's Hospital, People's Liberation Army Hospital No. 245, and the City Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


As part of the construction of the district hospitals, Sanya plans to build the Sanya Haipo Hospital of Chinese Medicine (and the Haipo West Community Health Center) and expand the medical department of the Tianyabubu village (expansion plan of the Tianya Hontan Second Class Hospital), the Tianya District Horse.


 In addition, Sanya also plans to add 9 community health centers, such as the Baopoling community, three auxiliary health centers in the Baopo New Town area, and plans to add 65 community health centers.


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