It will be possible to open a business in China in 3 days in Hainan from September 2019

Hainan proposes to reduce the time to start a business in the province to 3 days until the end of September 2019.


Six departments of the provincial market surveillance office of Hainan Province recently published “Opinions on the introduction of measures to reduce the time for opening new enterprises in Hainan Province” (hereinafter “Opinions on implementation”) and suggested reducing the time for opening enterprises in the province to three days before the end of September 2019 of the year.


Among them, the time of registration of the enterprise should not exceed 2 days; the time when a new enterprise first applies for opening an account should not exceed one day (synchronous processing).


Previously, according to the relevant documents of the State Council, until the end of 2018, Hainan reduced the time for registering new enterprises to 5 business days. Combined with the actual situation in the Hainan Free Trade Zone, in order to further shorten the start-up time of enterprises and increase the convenience of starting a business, Implementation Opinions proposed reducing the time for registering new enterprises to three days.


 "Opinions on implementation" clearly stipulate that the company will be fully open online. Based on the commercial registration platform in Hainan, the whole process will include engraving with a stamp, a request for general invoices, registration in social networks and other issues related to starting a business in the Hainan e-registration platform, will strengthen information sharing and provide “input into the platform and the circulation in real time. "


The ability to start an enterprise service with instant feedback allows the enterprise to solve all kinds of issues simultaneously when processing the registration of an enterprise, without providing paper materials.


In public service halls at all levels will be The “Integrated Services for Enterprises” window (or a special zone) is open, and “Registration to Hainan” will be applied to implement a unified output from a single window.


The license for conducting electronic business is used as a legal and valid means of identification and electronic signature for enterprises that register enterprises, engraved with stamp, social security registration and other related businesses on the Internet and facilitate the acquisition of electronic business licenses.


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