The plan to build a free trade port of Hainan implemented with record pace

The Hainan Free Trade Port Construction Plan (hereinafter referred to as the "General Plan") implements 5 unique policies in Yangpu and 3 policies that the province is promoting for pilot implementation in Yangpu.


At the port of international registration "China Port of Yangpu", ships are naturalized on the day the "General Plan" is announced, which becomes the fastest unloading policy for a free trade port. There are 80 new vessels that control the throughput throughout the year, and the cargo turnover of water transport - 218 billion ton-kilometers, increased 5.5 times.


Completion of the first export tax rebate for newly built domestic vessels performing international transport, with a tax of RMB 24.638 million. Conducting 6 tests of bound oil bunkering on one vessel for domestic and foreign trade with a total bunkering volume of 2539 tons.


The public information services platform for the management of the first and second line bonded area of ​​the port was successfully launched. The first line imported goods were successfully released, and the second line export goods were declared unilaterally. A pilot program was implemented to facilitate new offshore international trade settlements, and a total of 83 offshore international trade transactions were completed, valued at $ 1.135 billion. Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Germany, the first independent foreign university, has signed a contract.


A port of departure tax incentive policy has been adopted and implemented, according to which 15 coastal ports are designated as ports of departure. In addition, the province has formed a special work plan to accelerate the implementation of a comprehensive pilot program to promote foreign investment in Yangpu.


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