Hainan Province, China supports foreign trade enterprises in the international market, with maximum financial support of up to 70%

According to the relevant notice issued by the Provincial Department of Commerce and Provincial Department of Finance, Hainan will use special foreign trade and economic development funds for 2019 to support foreign trade enterprises in order to study the international market and expand international management capabilities. Relevant projects can receive up to 70% of the funds.


In order to support foreign trade enterprises in developing the international market, the fund supports foreign patent applications, trademark registration, qualification certification projects, foreign exhibition projects, including projects with foreign participation, participation projects of individual enterprises, enterprises participating in foreign self-organization projects exhibitions (conferences) or such an enterprise participates in a special trade and economic exhibition (conference) project organized by the Ministry orgovli, the provincial government or the regional Commerce Department.


In order to support foreign trade enterprises in expanding their international management capabilities, the fund supports small and medium foreign trade enterprises to increase the level of information on business management, the level of scientific decision-making in the field of management, as well as supporting small and medium foreign trade enterprises to expand opportunities integrated risk management.


For small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises will use the "Xinbaotong" system to manage policies, investigate lending operations of enterprises, request information on foreign risks and analysis of business data, etc.


The principle of financial support for projects should be supported by no more than 70% of the actual costs incurred. The maximum support limit for individual projects should be in accordance with the relevant rules of use.