The future of Hainan Island, China: an experiment to implement the new Chinese development strategy

Using the example of Hainan Island, they will resolutely implement a new concept of development, deepen structural reforms from the side  offer, strengthen and promote high-quality tropical agriculture, accelerate the formation of service-oriented economy, accelerate the cultivation of new marine industries and improve the infrastructure network. Intellect, building modern economic system and the promotion of quality economic development are among the highest in the country.

It is a profound indication that Hainan must firmly establish and fully implement the concept of the "Green Mountain", which is the mountain of Jinshan-Yinshan, to make the first step in reforming the system of ecological civilization, to introduce the strictest system of environmental protection and take the initiative in creating a modern system of environmental control and protection resources. Construction of the Experimental Area of ​​National Ecological Civilization will lead to the path of harmonious development man and nature, so that Hainan really becomes a garden of four seasons of the Chinese nation and will serve as an example for
construction of the country's ecological civilization.

Hainan should adhere to the concept of development, focused on people's interests, accelerate the reform of institutional mechanisms in the livelihood sector, focus on improving the protection and improving the livelihoods of people, constantly improve the service system and constantly promote social justice and justice to constantly to satisfy the growing prosperous life of people. She needs. Stick to the dominant position of people and do
the people of the masses are a powerful force in promoting reforms and opening.

Hainan has a solid foundation for deepening reform and opening up. After 30 years of unremitting efforts, Hainan has become one of the most open, most dynamically developing regions of China, has the best ecological situation in the country, the largest special economic zone of the country, the advantages of the sea silk road and other important strategic points of support of the 21st century, rural economy, judicial system, administrative checks and system approvals and so on, to study the country's experience; Boao forum for Asia, to promote cooperation of the parties and to promote the creation of an important platform for the Pacific community.

Currently, the higher and lower levels of thinking in Hainan Province are very unified, and morale has risen unprecedented. In particular, the overwhelming majority of cadres want to be officials capable of doing something. In recent years,

Hainan has a significant success in the 100-day investment in investment projects: created Boao airport within 10 months and for 10 months built the South China Maritime Museum in Hainan. 10 months to build the second channel of the Boao Forum for Asia on Hainan.