Nanhai - Hainan Marine Industry Development Association established on Hainan Island, China

Today, the Association for the Development of the Hainan Island Marine Industry - Nanhai was established in Haikou. The Association will work on the development of marine fisheries, such as marine fishing, recreational fishing, etc., and also promote the construction of maritime cities, marine industrial parks and the creation of marine industry funds.

Hainan Island is known for its achievements in the field of marine fisheries and abundant fish resources, species biodiversity, conservation measures and the development of China's marine fisheries.
Marine fishing plays an important role in the development of the economy of Hainan Island, but now it faces such problems as high intensity of fishing and illegal destruction of fish resources. Therefore, in the future, Hainan, through the introduction of a quota system, will exercise reasonable control over marine fishing, which requires strict observance of measures of marine fishing, prohibition of illegal operations, and control of fishing intensity.

 On the island of Hainan, the development of recreational fishing is envisaged, which includes the artificial reproduction of valuable species of fish, the construction of artificial reefs along the coast, the development of recreational sport fishing.