Three architectural projects in Hainan have been awarded the Luban China Construction Award

A conference was held in Beijing on innovations in the field of construction science and technology, as well as the National Building Project Award. Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, Xiuying Outpatient Building, Internal Medicine and Basement Building Project, HNA International Plaza Project, Sanya Haitang Bay Atlantis Hotel Project (Phase 1) received three Luban Prizes.


Hainan People's Hospital, Xuying Outpatient Unit, Internal Medicine Building and Basement by Hainan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


HNA International Plaza project by China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.


Sanya Haitan Bay Atlantis Hotel Project (Phase I) by China Construction First Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd.


The Chinese Building Engineering Luban Award (National Quality Project), called the Luban Award, was founded in 1987. This award is awarded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development of China and was established by the China Construction Industry Association - this is the Chinese architectural Oscar.


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