Hainan International fintech Week - China's first fintech week

Hainan International Fintech Week is the first fintech week in mainland China. The organizer of the event, Probe Fintech Group, has already coordinated with the relevant organizations the Lithuanian Financial Technology Week, Hong Kong Financial Technology Week, the Singapore Financial Technology Festival and other events. It will take place in Hainan from April to June 2021 and the official website ( has already been launched.


The holding of Hainan International Financial Technology Week will promote international innovation and cooperation in Hainan's financial technology, effectively attract international financial technology companies, institutions and talent for development in Qiong, help improve the environment of Hainan's financial technology, and contribute to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.


Hainan International Financial Technology Week, the first "Financial Technology Week" in mainland China, has many highlights. The event was supported by relevant organizations from more than a dozen countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and collaborated with Lithuania, Singapore and other countries and regions. The partners have cross-domain communication and have implemented FTA and FTA fintech links with the Shenzhen Financial Technology Association and Qianhai Think Tank. Hundreds of the world's leading financial companies will attend the event, and the world's leading financial technology scholars will share cutting edge technologies.


It is reported that with the support of the Lithuanian Embassy in China, with the support of Hainan International Fintech Week, more than 40 international guests from foreign banks, financial technology associations, investment funds, economists and financial entrepreneurs were invited.


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