These 5 types of masks must be use in China, while other colorful coronavirus protective masks do not have the required codes and may be fined for wearing them

Now there are many beautiful and colored coronavirus protective masks on the market, which are very popular with consumers, and monthly sales can even reach tens of thousands of pieces. But some people wondered: does such a mask really have an anti-epidemic function?


In fact, the most important point in judging whether a mask has an epidemic prevention function is to look at the code that is listed on the mask itself or on the packaging.


Those protective masks that are allowed to be used must be marked with a special standard code. Only these five codes can really meet the epidemic prevention requirements: medical protective masks (GB19083-2010), medical surgical masks (YY0469-2011), disposable medical masks (YY/T 0969-2013), daily protective masks (GB/T 32610- 2016) and children's masks (GB/T 38880-2020).


In addition, the state has also introduced clear rules regarding the quality of painting and printing of civilian masks: the color fastness of the inner and outer layers of the mask should not be lower than class 3, so that the paint does not crumble and does not cause discomfort to the skin of the person's face, the coloring and printing parts are not must be detected and degraded, aromatic amine dyes must not be used.