Chinese statistics on Chinese and international tourism in Sanya, Hainan, China in 2019

We previously reported that the Institute of Finance and Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Publishing House of Literature on Social Sciences have jointly released the “Green Book of Leisure: A Report on the Development of Leisure in China for 2018-2019.” The report assesses the rating of urban recreation in China, in which Shanghai, Sanya and Beijing are among the three leaders, respectively. It is clear that the “Report” is based on a system for assessing the urban leisure index in terms of the image and reputation of the region, space and the environment for leisure, the economy and the leisure industry, opportunities and services for leisure, leisure and consumption, as well as the attention of tourism. The results of calculating the urban leisure index, a comprehensive analysis of the construction of leisure of 290 cities in China and an assessment of each sub-item (subsystem).


Combining the benefits of rainforests and coastal cities, Sanya is actively building urban recreation parks, promoting nature reserves, forest parks and coastal wetlands, as well as creating a tropical paradise that is popular with tourists. In the forest parks, especially in the wetland park on the east coast, a number of “dual-use” projects have been implemented - improving the urban ecological environment, they will continue to enrich urban tourism functions and will continue to satisfy the needs of citizens and tourists in leisure sports and entertainment.


In recent years, Sanya successfully held the CCTV Spring Festival “Evening Sanya” in 2018, the first International Film Festival on Hainan Island, and the International Music Festival ISY Sanya. Dozens of cultural and sporting events, such as the Clipper Round the World yacht race, the Hainan International Marathon, the Hainan International Tourism Exhibition and the National Tourism City (Sanya) Cooperation Forum.


Sanya is China's most famous island tourist destination, with a pleasant climate and countless leisure opportunities. This time he takes the second place in the ranking of cities of rest, and it is deserved.


In recent years, Sanya has achieved remarkable results in the development of the economy and industry of leisure, leisure and services. In the tourism industry, it is mainly a leisure industry, such as tourist complexes, yacht cruises, low-altitude tourism, scientific and technical tourism and rural tourism.


A series of data published by Ctrip show that Sanya is always in the top ten in terms of tourist attention. It also fully proves that in Sanya tourism has a high degree of attention and is highly appreciated by tourists.


In addition, thanks to its high-quality natural landscapes and influential marketing campaigns, Sanya has consistently won the “China's Most Beautiful Travel Destinations 2016”, “The Best Conference Venues for Leisure” and “The Most Popular Travel Destinations in the Country” (wins this award for seven years in a row), 2017 - “The best place to stay” and “City Image Overseas Promotion Award” in 2018, as well as “52 most worthy cities of the world”, for which you can vote in 2017. Among them, he became the only city in China to be chosen.


According to statistics, last year Sanya received 20.997 million tourists, with an increase of 10.97% year on year. Total travel revenue was 50.842 billion yuan, with an annual increase of 16.84%. Among them: income from domestic travel amounted to 46.991 billion yuan, with an increase of 17.75% year on year, income in foreign exchange amounted to 5.8209 million, an increase of 9.7%.