International Seminar on Plant Genetic Resources in cooperation Sanya, Hainan Island, China

Sanya hosted the International Plant Genetic Resources Cooperation Workshop to fully understand the general rules and trends of the international flow of germplasm resources, accelerate the creation of a global import and transfer base of animal and plant germplasm resources against the backdrop of Hainan Free Trade Port policy dividends in scientific -technical city of Sanya Yazhou. The conference was sponsored by the International Seed Federation (ISF), the China Seed Trade Association (CNSTA), the Dutch Plant Industry Association (Plantum) and the Yazhou Bay Science and Technology Administration of Sanya.


Experts from China, the Netherlands, USA, Germany, India, Japan and other countries, as well as guests from international organizations attended the meeting to discuss hot topics such as germplasm resource management systems and exchange rules, seed management policies and cross-border cooperation in scientific research and breeding materials. Topics for exchange and discussion focused on genebank management, policies and regulations for the management of germplasm resources, and international quarantine of R&D resources. At the same time, the workshop also featured a free discussion session in the form of a combination of online and offline, as well as in-depth discussions on issues of common interest to all participants.


This workshop will help leverage the mature experiences of different countries in the management and exchange of germplasm resources, accelerate the establishment of a trans-shipment base for the introduction of global animal and plant germplasm resources, and provide a high-quality interface between the Chinese seed industry and the international seed industry. This is of great importance. At the same time, the sharing and exchange of germplasm resources as a bridge will foster innovation in breeding and the overall development of international trade, as well as provide new opportunities for innovation, cooperation and exchange in the global seed industry.


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