Wechat: how to quickly return money transferred to another person by mistake

Around 10:00 am on February 12, Ye, the owner of a small shop in the area, called Gaogou Police Station of the Wuwei City Public Security Bureau and said that a stranger had recently entered his shop, handed him 500 yuan in cash, and asked him to send him these 500 yuan to his Wechat account.


But the store owner was so carried away by a conversation with a stranger that he made a mistake in typing the amount and transferred 5,000 yuan to the stranger's Wechat account instead of 500 yuan. When he noticed the mistake, the stranger had already left the store and was not responding to his Wechat messages.


The store owner called the police as soon as possible, and with the support of the Wuwei City Public Security Bureau's Communication Center, the police found all the stranger's contact information and contacted him, shortly after, he returned all the 4,500 yuan that he received illegally to the store owner.


This case shows that law enforcement in China will quickly and easily find the address and phone number of any person who is registered with WeChat. Therefore, if you made an erroneous transfer of money to Wechat and they refuse to return it back to you, then the police can help you quickly return your money