New online platform "SDEK Shopping" was created in Russia for the purchase of goods of foreign brands at better prices

The transport and logistics company SDEK announced the opening of a new online platform "SDEK Shopping", which allows all residents of Russia to purchase electronic and household appliances, computer components and other goods of well-known foreign brands at more favorable prices compared to traditional retailers. The opening of the new online platform "SDEK Shopping" coincided with the publication by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia of the list of goods for which parallel (gray) imports will be allowed.


At the time of writing this article, the platform website sometimes works intermittently (probably due to the influx of customers due to the launch or a DDoS attack), and when trying to enter the product catalog, it gives an error, but network sources report that the prices on the site are indeed very profitable - the flagship graphics accelerator RTX 3080 can be bought for 125 thousand rubles, and the RTX 3060 - for 50 thousand rubles.


The popular Sony PlayStation 5 console is available for 65-66 thousand rubles, which is one and a half times less than in most Russian stores. CDEK Company informs that "SDEK Shopping" will offer only original goods imported from the USA, EU countries and Turkey. The announcement of the new platform appeared both on the company's social networks and on its official website.