Optimization of the functionality of the website or online store

Created: 24 September 2021

With the help of PRAGMA LLC, optimization of the functionality of a website or an online store in Moscow and the Moscow region will help make your Internet resource truly useful for all your customers, because it is the convenient functionality of the site that turns the site from a regular source of information on the Internet into a useful program , with the help of which customers can quickly order the goods and services they like on your website or online store.


Programming of useful site functionality with the help of PRAGMA LLC specialists takes into account all the main stages of developing a site or an online store: a developed design, an interface and a convenient system for managing and viewing the pages of your site. In the process of optimizing the website functionality, the specialists of PRAGMA LLC divide the entire functionality of your website into two main categories: standard modules and individual modules (which are developed by us exclusively for your individual and highly specialized tasks). Typical modules usually consist of product catalogs typical for a number of sites, order systems (forms, baskets, etc.), forums, blogs, feedback panels, mailing programs, RSS or news feeds, personal accounts, etc.


Custom modules are designed and installed by our experts and usually include: non-standard calculators of goods and services, photo and video visualization systems, optimal modules for internal CRM systems and ERP systems, etc. When building a convenient site functionality, PRAGMA LLC uses not only ready-made and tested on other sites software modules to implement the functions necessary for your site, but we will also take into account the peculiarities of your market and your target client segment, and the use of modern technologies and multi-level testing will allow to achieve high reliability and convenience for clients of the functionality of your site.


The functionality of your site redistributed by the employees of PRAGMA LLC will take into account the specifics of your target audience as much as possible and will be maximally adapted to the specific business functions of your company. In the arsenal of developers of LLC "PRAGMA" the most modern means of design and programming of websites, which will allow the site or online store to work well in different conditions, so that the change in the scale of your company does not lead to the need to redo the functionality of the site. The cost of PRAGMA LLC services to optimize the functionality of a site or online store is from 20 thousand rubles per month - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.