How to find rules of entry and exit to any city or province in China from abroad or other cities in China from a government source in Alipay or WeChat mini-program

In foreign Wichat groups, false or outdated information about the rules for entering and leaving a particular city or province in China is often distributed. Such obsolescence of information on entry and exit is due to the fact that the rules of entry and exit sometimes change quickly and any non-governmental source does not have time to take into account all the changes and very often gives outdated or false information.


Despite the fact that foreigners often offer to navigate the issue of the veracity of the entry-exit rules for Wechat mini-programs, however, very few foreigners know how to check the owner of such Wechat programs, and due to the fact that in most cases the owners of these Wechat programs are commercial organizations, then these commercial organizations often do not have time to quickly and correctly update information about the rules for leaving and entering cities in China, so most WeChat mini-programs do not reflect the real situation.


However, there are also WeChat mini-programs, the work of which is provided by government agencies, we will now consider one of these WeChat mini-programs - 务院客户端, so that you can quickly and accurately find out the rules for entering and exiting any city or province in China.



1.Scan the code below or press and hold for more than 3 seconds on the code below and then select the "Open Widget" option to enter the WeChat mini program 务院客户端:



2. You can see the [Local Area Prevention and Control Policies] on the State Council mini-program homepage, and then click to enter:



3. Select the city of entry, which is the destination. If you are returning from abroad, you can choose any of the cities in the country.


Once selected, you can see the city's quarantine policy rules. Generally speaking, there will be isolation policies for entering the city from all parts of the country and other countries, but there are also some cities that only list isolation policies from all parts of the country to the local area, isolation policies for foreigners. It is recommended that you directly search for the consultation number of the local epidemic prevention department at the bottom of the local epidemic prevention policy inquiry page, and then consult by phone.


In addition, you can also use WeChat to follow the official account of the local local committee to find out. For example, in Guangzhou, you can subscribe to the official account "广州本地宝", and then find the epidemic-related content in the service box at the address at the bottom of the official account and click on the query or press the left key of the keyboard and then enter the question with the keyword.


Due to the epidemic, returning to China now usually requires many checks. In addition to isolation before boarding an aircraft, various applications and tests may be required, such as nucleic acid testing and online declaration. For specific requirements, it is best to check with airport customer service and airlines.


Can I return to the country for quarantine free of charge or at my own expense?

If you go abroad and return to China, you usually choose for yourself, so you need to bear the cost of food and accommodation when you return to China. The specific price should be determined according to the food situation and hotel specifications. The government has designated certain hotels or guest houses as local quarantine hotels. You can choose the hotel that suits your price among these hotels.


Disclaimer: This information is provided for preliminary information only, but before any use, be sure to check all the information you need with Chinese government agencies