Due to a coronavirus in Sanya, Hainan - list: closed zones, control zones and prevention zones, closure of schools, sports and entertainment facilities

Sanya Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced two new asymptomatic cases on the evening of March 31, 2022 (Notice No. 10, 2022), all of these individuals who tested positive for coronavirus were transferred to a designated hospital for treatment .


On April 1, 2022, it was announced that Sanya Jiyang District and Tianya District were demarcated as follows:



In Chinese:







in English:

(1) Jiyang District

1. Dadonghai Jinmao;

2. American restaurant Dolphin on Yuya Road and adjacent McDonald's and Six Izakaya;

3. Yuya Road Soho Bar, BPM Bar, Huashuimu Skin Management Store;

4. Starbucks coffee shop in the central square of Yalong Bay.


(2) Tianya District 天涯区

5. Italian restaurant in Sanya Bay (in Chinese - 亚湾古奇那意大利餐厅).


In the closed control area, control measures “closing the area, staying at home and door-to-door” are implemented, sampling is carried out 1 time per day during the first 7 days and 1 time per day on the 10th and 14th days. The staff is testing for coronavirus every other day.



1. Parts of Dadonghai Community in Jiyang District - North to Donghai Haoting Community - East Suburb of Coconut Grove Food City, South to Pearl River Garden Hotel - Junction of Donghai and Haiyun Road, West to Haiyun Road, East to Donghai Road ( 东海 豪庭 - 东郊 椰椰 美食 , 南至 珠江 花园 酒店 - 东海 海韵路 汇处, 西至 海韵路, 东海路)


2. Yuya Road Bar Street, Jiyang District - South to BPM Bar, North to Bai Live House (南至bpm酒吧,北至House酒吧).


In the control zone, control measures “do not leave the territory and strictly prohibit gatherings”, sampling 1 time per day on the first 3 days and 1 time per day on the 10th and 14th days are implemented. Staff perform nucleic acid testing every other day.



Dadonghai Municipality, Xiayangtian Municipality and Hongzhou Times Coastal Zone in Jiyang District


In the prevention zone, control measures are being taken to "strengthen public control and strictly limit crowds."


The above measures will be timely adjusted according to changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation. If residents of the area encounter difficulties in life and treatment, they can call the helpline hotline: 88713966 in Jiyang District and 88349869 in Tianya District.


Also, half an hour ago on April 1, 2022, the Education Bureau of all districts, the Sanya City Education Bureau reported that due to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal epidemic prevention and control department, and in order to ensure the safety of school teachers and pupils, it has been decided that the city's primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will be closed from April 1 to 2, with regular holidays from April 3 to 5 and regular classes on April 6 (if there are changes, it will be announced later).


Also, half an hour ago on the morning of April 1, the Sanya Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced that the city's singing and dancing entertainment venues (KTV), chess and card halls, cinemas, theaters, Internet cafes, book bars will be temporarily closed. , karaoke bars, bars, libraries, indoor sports and fitness centers, indoor pools, bath centers, beauty salons will be closed for 3 days (from 23:00 March 31 to 08:00 April 4, 2022 .).


Farmers markets, pharmacies, supermarkets, hotels (guest houses), guest houses, resorts and other places can work as usual, but strictly observe the temperature measurement, check two codes (health code, route code), wear masks etc.

If there are people who have visited the above addresses, they should report to the City Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the City Headquarters for the Prevention and Control of Epidemics (contact numbers: 88273769, 16689699122, 18689699122, 18689701622); if they have left the city, please report to the local Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the epidemic headquarters, and cooperate in the implementation of appropriate epidemic control measures.


The general public is asked to pay attention exclusively to the information released by the official body, do not panic, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors and actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control work. If you have symptoms such as dry cough, sore throat, fever, etc., please use personal protective equipment, go to the clinic (consultation room) in a timely manner, and avoid public transport on the way to the doctor.


Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only, but before any use, be sure to obtain new information from official sources and by calling 0898-12345