Coronavirus COVID19 on February 14, 2020 in Sanya, Hainan and China: statistics, an online platform for diagnosis and treatment

The Hainan Provincial Health Committee, China, reported that on February 14, 2020, 158 confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV pneumonia coronavirus, 4 deaths and 30 cases of recovery were reported in Hainan, China, see case statistics online map of the distribution of coronavirus 2019-nCoV pneumonia in Hainan, which is at the beginning of any article on our site.  As of February 14, 2020, 63946 confirmed cases of coronavirus 2019-nCoV pneumonia, 1382 deaths and 6930 cases of recovery.


On February 14, 2020, the official website of the Hainan Provincial Health and Health Commission officially launched on the Internet "A platform for diagnosing and treating new pneumonia from the coronavirus COVID19 in Hainan Internet hospitals." This platform serves as a provincial online diagnostic and treatment platform, bringing together online diagnostic and treatment resources for some 200,000 doctors in 16 Internet hospitals in Hainan. During the period of prevention and control of the epidemic from the coronavirus COVID19, it provides the population with continuous disclosure of the epidemic and online 7x24 consultation.


Currently, the prevention and control of coronavirus COVID19 has entered a critical period. In order to make full use of the resources of Hainan Province to pool the resources of many high-quality Internet hospitals in the country, as well as to do good work on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia since February 10, with the support and guidance of the Provincial Committee on Health and Public Health and other relevant departments.


Back in June 2019, Hainan Sogou Smart Internet Hospital Co., Ltd. was formally established with the support of the Hainan Provincial Health Committee and the Hainan Environmental Software Park. In terms of creating a new platform for services for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary pneumonia and expanding the technical capabilities of Internet hospitals, the Internet hospital Hainan Sogou Smart, a subsidiary of Sogou, actively promotes the creation of the platform, taking advantage of the search platform on the Internet, as well as research and innovation capabilities in artificial intelligence technology. The platform was created and officially launched within 2 days, which helped Hainan's epidemic prevention and supervised the comprehensive management work, reduced the burden and increased the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control, and also helped to increase the scientific and technical importance for the population in period of the epidemic.


The first batch of online platform functions includes reliable comprehensive information, such as real-time dynamics associated with epidemic situation, survey of infectious communities, interviewing patients on the same course, removing official rumors, as well as online consultation, AI self-testing for the risk of infection and epidemic-related robots questions and answers, as well as services that effectively help citizens from a scientific point of view vision to understand the epidemic situation, increase confidence in prevention and control, alleviate anxiety during infections, and seek medical help in a timely and orderly manner, and also play an important role in reducing the risk of cross- infection infection and reduced public health resources.


In accordance with the changing epidemic situation and social needs, the platform can perform more than ten basic practical functions in two main aspects of information related to the epidemic, as well as diagnostic and treatment services on the Internet.


In terms of information related to the epidemic, the platform has timely and accurate functional modules, such as “epidemic data”, “epidemic spread”, “real-time dynamics”, “request from the epidemiological community”, “request for protective materials”, “ request for confirmed patients ”,“ official hearing and emergency care ”. The public can learn about the latest epidemic situation in the cities, districts (districts) of Hainan province as soon as possible, as well as learn about the latest news, authoritative official rumors, traffic information, etc., in order to better organize their trips and life in epidemic time, achieve scientific and comprehensive self-defense.


With regard to online diagnostic and treatment services, the platform includes about 200,000 doctors from 16 Internet hospitals in Hainan through the “Ask Doctors Online” section and provide the population with online consultations, medical advice, an overview of chronic diseases, online procurement of medicines and other services. At the same time, the platform fully utilizes its technological advantages in the field of big data and artificial intelligence, in combination with the latest version of the National Diagnostic and Treatment Program for Coronary Pneumonia Health Commission and collaborates with the China Center for Medical Education, the Chinese Society of Information and Health in the field of big data and other professional institutions.


Currently, the platform is officially launched. The public can access the platform through: the official website of the Hainan Provincial Health and Health Commission, or download the Sogou search application, search for “Platform for Diagnosing and Treating Pneumonia,” and scan the QR code.


In the next step, the Hainan Provincial Health Commission will gradually improve and adjust the functions of the platform in accordance with the actual conditions of the online platform and the real problems and needs of the public, in order to maximize the contribution to people's health.


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