Hainan Open Trade Port launches Export Tax Refund Function

Hainan Open Trade Port's Single Information Window recently launched the export duty rebate and export tax refund function. In line with the unified deployment and requirements of the State Tax Administration, the export tax rebate system in Hainan recently migrated to the Golden Tax Phase III system.


In order to improve the Hainan Single Window Export Tax Refund function in international trade and realize the link with the national export tax rebate, the Provincial Department of Commerce has actively coordinated the work of the Hainan Provincial Tax Bureau under the State Administration, Tax Department to conduct functional testing, advertising and promotion.


After the launch of the new system, the single window will provide standardized documents and electronic information data that meet the requirements of the State Tax Administration with “one-time access and one-time filing”.


Businesses can use a Single Window to declare export rebate data, accept and approve tax filing, and complete contactless online tax processing instead of contact offline tax processing. The tax credit review process is faster and the tax credit processing speed is reduced.


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