Tourism statistics for 2020 in Hainan Island, China and tourism prospects for 2021

In January 2020, at the National Tourism Work Conference held in Haikou, Hainan Province was identified as China's first tourism development province to take on the important task of pioneering research on tourism supply structural reform and industrial restructuring.


In 2020, Hainan Province will take full advantage of the location of relatively independent geographical units, adhere to the "urbanization of the whole island", promote the coordinated development of regions, urban and rural areas, and insist on planning, building and managing the entire Hainan Island as a large city and large scenic a place to create and improve a more efficient new mechanism for the coordinated development of regions, urban and rural areas, to promote the construction of hundreds of characteristic industrial cities and thousands of beautiful villages and to plan global tourism through “points, lines and territories”.


"The sun and moon are full of stars, and the whole province is full of scenery." This proposal seems to open before people's eyes a new unique picture: Boao, Tangmen, Fushan, Longlow combine natural and humanistic abilities. The small town and main scenic spots complement each other: Shihan Village, Zhongliao Village, Nanqiang Village and other beautiful villages are blooming, forming a trend of "big beads and small beads falling on a jade plate."


At the same time, the province used the potential and developed intensively to form a new global tourism model of "tourism, travel + tourism everywhere" and continue to strengthen the foundation for the development of hundreds of industries, "tourism + tax exemption", "tourism + treatment" and "tourism + tourism ". By continuously innovating in the tourism industry, the tourism industry will lead the way in providing state-of-the-art products to the service industry and fully expanding the tourism consumer space.


During the May 1 holiday in 2020, the province received a total of 1,335,400 tourists, generating a total tourism revenue of 994 million yuan; in 2020, on National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the province received 4.5378 million tourists at the same level, with total tourism revenue of 6.620 billion yuan, up 26.6% from last year.


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