Foreign tourists are placed in an even more discriminatory position in Sanya and Haikou on Hainan Island, China: police tightened passport and visa controls for foreigners

Our website publishes daily news of Hainan Province in Russian and English, so we constantly monitor the media in Hainan Province in Chinese and must say that the facts described in them are sometimes very far from the facts that foreign tourists describe on social networks or send to us.


So, if in the words of the media in Hainan in Chinese almost always write that for foreign tourists created a regime of greatest assistance in organizing and during the vacation, in fact, we repeatedly received from tourists, and since 2019, especially that on Hainan Island, police officers began to relate to foreign tourists are much tougher than these tourists have observed in other provinces of China, despite the fact that China’s migration laws are the same for all provinces, and, moreover, it was on Hainan that the Chinese media repeatedly emphasized in words the creation of an easier migration regime for foreigners.


In fact, it turns out differently - if in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities of China, foreign tourists can quickly and easily buy a ticket for a high- speed train and immediately go on this train a few minutes after buying these tickets, even with a photocopy of your passport, then in the cities of Hainan province, especially in Sanya and Haikou, it won’t be possible to do so quickly - a foreign tourist will not only carefully and leisurely check his passport and Chinese visa, but will also force him to go to a special stand where his passport will be scanned, then Rovere these data on the basis of crime, and then be sure to take pictures of the most alien, and then take pictures of the passport of the foreigner with the ticket on the train. At the same time, there may be difficulties with a train ticket - Chinese cashiers at ticket offices almost always they write the names of foreigners with errors, because of this the data in the passport and ticket do not match, and if a picky police officer comes across, a foreign tourist can miss the train and lose a lot of time.


We have repeatedly received letters from our readers who traveled around China and who used the services of high-speed trains in various cities and provinces of China, but nowhere was it as difficult as in Hainan, only on Hainan island, foreign tourists had the impression that the staff Hainan Provincial Police are meticulously meticulous in checking documents with foreign tourists, never seen before in China, especially these cases become more frequent since January 2019.


Thus, if a Chinese tourist can quickly buy a train ticket in Hainan and immediately take this train, then a foreign tourist cannot do this - foreign tourists will definitely be checked by police, with very great picky, foreign tourists often get the impression that the Hainan police already immediately consider them criminals, these police procedures sometimes take a lot of time, and sometimes go faster, depending on the mood the police officer himself and his knowledge of a foreign language and this can take place several times, with each boarding the train, even within one day.


That is, the Hainan Island police actually repeatedly duplicates the actions of the Chinese border service, although in other provinces of China there is nothing like that, why is Hainan such an attitude towards foreign tourists, such a presumption of guilt? But what about the development of international tourism? But what about the Hainan open trade area? But what about the decision to make Hainan the most open province for China to foreigners?


Because of this, many foreign tourists do not want to use the services of high-speed trains, and since many exhibitions, festivals, museums on Hainan Island are located in different cities, where it is faster and more comfortable to get on a high-speed train, very few foreigners attend these events - foreigners hold most of the time in the city of arrival on Hainan Island and do not go to other cities on Hainan.


Foreign tourists will be placed in an even more discriminatory position in Sanya and Haikou on Hainan, China from September 15, 2019, when at airports Hainan Islands will launch pilot passage points for Chinese tourists with no ID at all, using the QR code through Wechat - the first batch of 4 electronic survey devices for civil aviation will be installed at check-in counters No. 16 and No. 17 in the departure lounge of Meylan Airport in Haikou, and in the future, protective passages will be installed in the security zones of zones A and B. But foreigners will have to undergo the traditional long-term procedure and foreigners will not be affected by these innovations, the airport’s release emphasizes that only Chinese citizens can use it and go to the airport.


Note that for Chinese tourists, if they fly to Russia and other European countries, only the border service at the airport checks their passport and visa and no one checks passports, visas for Chinese tourists, does not take photographs and does not check the database of offenses when buying tickets. Why only in the province Does Hainan from all provinces of China have such a thorough check of all foreigners?


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