Pulse oximeter for accurate measurement of pulse and the amount of oxygen in the blood at the lowest prices buy in China

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We present to your attention one of the best models of the YK-80A pulse oximeter - a device that displays two main indicators - pulse (the rhythm of the arteries, which is felt due to the work of the heart) and SpO2 - the amount of oxygen in the patient's blood.
The YK-80A pulse oximeter is quite sensitive to pulse measurement, although not all expensive devices are capable of such accurate readings. In general, this is a classic compact pulse oximeter with all certificates, together with AAA batteries it weighs only 50 grams, to turn on, you need to press the button only once, the device turns off automatically when removed from your finger.
AAA batteries work for about 30 hours. On top it is plastic, and the cavity inside is silicone. When the batteries run out, the screen starts flashing. The button on the body can be used to adjust the brightness - a useful function in bright daylight or, conversely, in complete darkness. Includes storage pouch.
Key Features of YK-80A:
-LED display,
- SpO2 measurement range 70-100%,
-Range of measurement of pulse 25-350 beats per minute,
-Powered by two AAA batteries.
The YK-80A pulse oximeter screen displays the charge level, all customers are satisfied and note the ease of use in a wide variety of operating conditions.
Price: from 22 USD for 1 piece
Minimum lot: 100 pieces
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