Three medical parks in Yaogu, Shizilin and Yunlong in Haikou set up to develop health products and medical services in Hainan

In order to strategically deploy the Hainan Free Trade Area and the Free Trade Port and to clarify the functional location and industrial development direction of industrial parks on Hainan Island, the Haikou Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning published a development plan for three medical valleys - Yaogu, Shizilin and Yunlong in Haikou.


Yaogu Medical Park is located in the western part of Haikou city center, from the Haixu Expressway in the north, Yehai Avenue in the south, Yongwan Road in the east and Wuyanghe Forest Park in the west, 23 kilometers from Haikou Meilan Airport, the planned area is about 651.66 ha .


The park is strategically positioned as the International Valley of Pharmaceutical Innovation and the Green Development Demonstration Park, its function is positioned as an experimental site for international pharmaceutical outsourcing services, a policy source for incubating pharmaceutical research and development in Hainan, created by the new Haikou industry. The entire park can be divided into six main industrial zones, including: the field of pharmaceutical research and development, a modern medical care zone, round-the-clock integrated services, a business incubator, a business accelerator, a medical production zone.


The planned area of ​​Shizilin Industrial Medical Park is the south side of the central group of Haikou city and the eastern side of the Shishan Volcanic Group National Geological Park, 20 kilometers from Guangdong-Hainan Railway, 12 kilometers from Xiuying Port, about 20 kilometers from Haikou Railway Station and 20 kilometers from Meilan Airport. The planned area is about 582.99 ha.


Schizilin Park is strategically positioned as an international innovative industrial park, its functions are positioned as a new generation of information technologies and an international demonstration base for the production of health care products and medical services. The leading industries are the next-generation information technology industry, light and low-carbon manufacturing, and the healthy nutrition industry. The characteristic industries are the healthcare industry, and the auxiliary are the services industry. The industrial zone mainly consists of a new type of industrial zone, an industrial zone healthy nutrition and industrial health area.


The Yunlong Medical Park is planned to be located in the Yunlong district, in the center of Haikou, not far from the northern part of Yunlun village, south of the G223 East Highway and west of the Haiyu East Line, 46 km from Guangdong Haihai Ferry Port, 34 km from the port of Xuying and Haikou and 5 kilometers from Meilan Airport. The planned area is about 336.11 hectares.


Yunlong Park will rely on the advantages of being located in the vicinity of Meilan Airport and Rinku Industrial Park, drawing on the rich agricultural resources in southern Haikou. The industrial zone mainly consists of the medical production and equipment zone, the food industry zone, the modern logistics industry zone, the R&D zone and offices, and the life support zone.


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