2019-nCoV virus pneumonia epidemic in Hainan, China: first suspected infection detected

The Hainan Provincial Health Committee, China first reported that the first pneumonia patient suspected of a new 2019-nCoV virus infection was discovered yesterday morning, January 21, 2020 in Hainan, but has not yet been confirmed by a national expert group and further analyzes are being carried out in Sanya and Haikou.  


Currently suspected of having 2019-nCoV virus pneumonia in Hainan, China was quickly quarantined in a designated hospital for isolation and treatment, and his condition is stable. It is reported that this patient arrived in Hainan from Wuhan on January 14, 2020 and lived on Hainan Island for a week.  


Additionally, it was reported that on the morning of January 21, 2020, a preliminary laboratory test from the Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that the patient’s sample was positive for the new 2019-nCoV virus. In accordance with the “Procedure confirmation of the first case of pneumonia caused by new virus infections in various provinces (regions, cities) of the country ”, it should be reviewed and confirmed by the China Center for Disease Control and Assessment and confirmed by a national expert group. According to the relevant rules, samples were sent to China CDC for inspection. Hainan Provincial Health Department will provide the community relevant information on the results of the audit of the national expert group.  


The Hainan Department of Health and Health has now strengthened related work, such as screening and screening, outbreaks of fever, and measures for prevention and control in public places. After detecting this suspected case, he will fully conduct diagnosis and treatment of cases, investigate close contact and medical supervision.


   Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new type of virus 2019-nCoV, which was found in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is located more than three thousand kilometers from Sanya and Haikou on Hainan Island.


In the cities of Sanya and Haikou on Hainan Island, China, there are reports in local Chinese social networks that the population is massively buying face masks, in one of the pharmacies the entire stock of masks was bought up in a matter of minutes, but the Health Committee of Hainan Province, China monitors over the situation and refutes reports of an epidemic and draws attention to the fact that only the suspected pneumonia of the 2019-nCoV virus is detected, the exact presence of the 2019-nCoV virus for which or a resident of Hainan Island in the cities of Sanya and Haikou.


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