International Street Dance Competition 2020 BIS Street Dance Competition will be held in Haikou, Hainan

The 2020 BIS International Street Dance Competition and the Hainan National Trend Sports Festival will be held October 17-18 at Mission Hills, Haikou. The aim of the event is to create a platform for communication between Hainan and international fashion and street dancing. It is the integration between Hainan culture and international culture, as well as the integration of fashion events and trend culture.


The BIS Street Dance Competition is well known in the international street dance world. BIS Street Dance Competition was launched in 2006 and for 13 years it has entered the top three international competitions of the same scale. The brand's influence spans over 10 countries and regions around the world, bringing together around 100 hip-hop and KOL stars. This year's BIS hip-hop competition will bring rich hip-hop culture to Hainan and become a grand ceremony of Hainan's fashion culture.


The 2020 BIS Street Dance Competition and the Hainan National Trend Festival are mainly divided into two parts, the BIS Street Dance Competition and the National Sports Trend Festival, which is one of the best street dance events with the largest number of participants, the largest, most authoritative and influential in China. The 2020 BIS Street Dance Competition will be held during the "This Is Street Dance 3" movement and will be held in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in the country. Eventually, there will be a group of people from all over the country who love street dancing.


The event will be merged with Beijing, Shanghai, Guizhou and other national liaison qualification competitions. The cycle of the event is one month. Consolidate Hainan Free Trade Port Construction Opportunities, Hainan Sports Trends Will Be Popularized, And The City's Impact Will Be Strengthened Through Communication Activities. In addition, the event will join the Hainan Provincial Street Dance Association and various street dance clubs and school associations in Hainan to host a month-long qualifier and expand its influence through a series of promotional activities to create an urban vibe of popular street dancing and popular trends.


The media composition of this event is also quite large. In addition to integrating local media resources and promoting Hainan, he also recommends and disseminates information through travel platforms such as Sina Sports, Tencent Sports, Ali Sports and Ctrip, Tuniu and Mafengwo.


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