WeChat: Quickly identify friends who have blocked you on WeChat

If you have friends on Wechat who haven't closed their circle of friends (also known as Wechat Moments) from you, then there is a very simple and effective way to see at a glance if your Wechat friend has blocked you.

First, open WeChat, search your address book for the friend you're looking for, open his WeChat, and then click on his WeChat Friends Circle (also known as WeChat Moments). After that, select any message from the list and if you see the opportunity to comment and like, then this friend has not blocked you.


Also in your circle of friends list (also known as Wechat Moments) your friends post daily. At this time comes the key point - if the other side does not block you, two small dots will appear in the lower right corner - this is for friends to like and comment, as long as these two small dots are still there, then this friend is still your good friend. you can also like him and comment on his circle of friends, you can also chat with him.

If there are no two small dots in the lower right corner, then this friend has blocked you.