The world's largest plantation litchi varieties pitted located in the district Chengmay on Hainan Island, China

In Chengmay County, Hainan Island, China, the plantation area of ​​the litchi variety (lidj) without pits is almost 10,000 mu, and the output value exceeds 300 million yuan, which makes this plantation the biggest in the world for this type of litchi.

In this regard, starting in 2019 every year in June, it is planned to hold an agricultural fair and a tourist festival in the Chengmay County, dedicated to collecting this kind of lychee without a stone, since in other parts of the Hainan Island litchi varieties with a bone, which everyone usually tastes, tourists.

Lychee without pits is a well-known agricultural brand, which in recent years has been cultivated and supported by the Chengmai district.

The authorities of Chengmay County expect that in 2019, the total proceeds from the sale of lychee will be already 400 million yuan due to Internet sales to cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, through logistics and air transportation of lychees.