In Manila, Philippines, there was a conference to promote tourism in Haikou on the island of Hainan, China

A few days ago in Manila, the Philippines held a conference to promote tourism in Haikou on the island of Hainan, China, which was attended by 130 people from the relevant travel companies. The meeting included the Haikou-Manila routes and Haikou tourism products, which enabled the Philippine tourism industry to gain a new understanding of Haikou tourism resources and received unanimous praise.

At the training meeting, the person in charge of the Haikou Tourism Development Committee stated that, in the implementation of the visa-free entry policy for 59 countries and the opening of the Haikou-Manila direct flight route, cooperation between the two places will develop because Haikou has rich tourist resources, a favorable tourist policy and a safe tourist environment.

Xin Xia, director of the Ministry of Tourism of the Philippines, said that tourism between Haikou and the Philippines is bilateral, and in recent years, because of rapid economic development, many young Filipinos prefer to travel abroad, while Haikou has rich tourist resources, convenient visa policies and direct flights. This will ignite the enthusiasm of Filipino travelers to go to Haikou. Xin Xia suggested that Manila and Haikou create a bilateral joint mechanism of mutual cooperation, mutual promotion and mutual transportation, which will promote multifaceted cooperation and development of tourism and economy between the two places.

At a meeting on joint tourism development, Haikou and the Philippines conducted in-depth exchanges on preferential policies, reception conditions and product characteristics. They plan to strengthen cooperation in the future and work together to promote the comprehensive development of tourism and the economy.