Ecological environment in Haikou and the north of Hainan Island may deteriorate: at the end of 2019, the Wenchang Thermal Power Plant will start operating

The Wenchang Gas and Electricity thermal power station in the north of Hainan Island in Wenchang is expected to generate electricity by connecting to the first power unit by the end of 2019.


Previously, Hainan Storage Power Generation Co., Ltd. launched the Hainan Wenchang gas power plant project. The gas and energy project was successfully promoted with the active support of the Municipal Party Committee of Wenchang and the municipal government.


The gas project is located in the industrial park of Wenchang City, one of the key energy planning projects during the 13th Five-Year Plan in Hainan Province, and it is also the first power plant with a peak consumption of natural gas built by the China Southern Power Grid in our province.


Li Xiaowei, head of the engineering department of a power station in the north of Hainan Island in Wenchang, said that since the launch of the gas energy project in September 2017, he received support from all parties, especially from the general staff of the Jyatin Industrial Park project in Wenchang City, to complete which took only three and a half months for the project site selection.


At present, work related to project construction is mainly completed, all design work was carried out quickly and in an orderly manner.


In accordance with the plan, the project of a power station in the north of Hainan Island in Wenchan is planning to build four sets of combined-cycle combined-cycle plants with a capacity of 460,000 kilowatts, which will be built in two phases. Among them, the first stage is the construction of two 460,000 kilowatt units, the planned total investment of about 2.7 billion yuan, the first unit at the end of 2019 is planned to be connected to the grid to generate electricity. In March 2020, the second unit will be connected to the grid to generate electricity.


The relevant person representing the municipality of Wenchang City stated that the gas energy project is the first provincial key project to be included in the Wenchang Industrial Park. Further, Wenchang will further improve the construction of the main support facilities and increase investment promotion.


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