Planning promotions for companies

Created: 05 November 2021

The planning of advertising campaigns for companies on the Internet can be carried out by specialists of PRAGMA LLC, who have extensive experience in organizing and conducting advertising campaigns in the Russian-speaking and foreign segments of the Internet.


For the employees of PRAGMA LLC, planning of an advertising campaign on the Internet can be conditionally divided into the following main stages: 1. Determination of the purpose of the advertising campaign for companies on the Internet; 2. Determination of the target audience for firms on the Internet; 3. Pre-selection of advertising sites for businesses on the Internet; 4. Choice of media formats for companies on the Internet; 5. Drawing up and final optimization of the plan of advertising campaigns for firms in Moscow and the Moscow region on the Internet.


Our experts will help your company to get to the target audience as accurately as possible, because advertising campaigns on the Internet will provide you with tremendous opportunities to assess the effectiveness of all your commercial activities. Creation of an advertising campaign on the Internet and its implementation are carried out by specialists of PRAGMA LLC always on the basis of an analysis of the following marketing factors: - how users get to your site; - how much time users spend on your site; - which pages users visit on your site.


The purpose of advertising on the Internet for your site can be different, depending on your requirements: increasing sales of your company, improving the image of your company's goods, increasing the attention of users to your company or brands of goods sold. All our work on planning and conducting an advertising campaign on the Internet and its final implementation will depend on your goal.


To develop a strategy for promoting your advertising company on the Internet, we use those advertising platforms where the share of target consumers of your goods or services can be as high as possible, we determine the age limits for this group and then we plan and implement the promotion of your goods or services. Our strategy for building an advertising company on the Internet allows you to significantly reduce the cost of advertising for your company on the Internet, because your advertising is shown only to interested visitors and you do not overpay for visiting users from non-target groups.


The cost of PRAGMA LLC services for planning advertising campaigns for companies on the Internet is from 20 thousand rubles per month - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.