Foreign bank cards in express delivery confiscated by China Customs in Guangzhou

       According to Chinese media reports, Guangzhou Customs reported that in February 2022, Guangzhou Customs officials confiscated 32 bank cards that were illegally brought into China on the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Express Channel.

       It is reported that Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs officers on-site inspected the cargo sent from a certain country to Guangzhou with the stated name "personal effects" in accordance with the inspection instructions, and found that the image was abnormal - the image showed that the contents of the package consisted of several independent parts. The items and some stacked cards were clearly inconsistent with the product's advertised name of "personal items" and it was suspected that the ad was false.

       The customs officers who arrived at the scene immediately intercepted and opened the box for inspection and found 32 foreign credit cards in the package, tightly wrapped and stacked. Customs officials on site checked the cardholder's name on the credit card - 32 bank cards belonged to multiple cardholders.
According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code, this case has the element of a crime, expressed in the illegal possession of other people's credit cards, an investigation is underway