Obtaining a humanitarian visa (temporary, T-Visa) in China

This visa is issued for humanitarian reasons, when the applicant is not able to issue other types of visas within the required period.

Consulates of the People's Republic of China outside China are responsible for issuing humanitarian visas, when the applicant urgently needs to arrive in China for humanitarian reasons (to assist a relative who is currently in China, etc.), in China itself a residence permit is issued for humanitarian reasons, but in everyday conversation, all foreigners still call it a humanitarian visa.


Please note that in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China "On Departure-Entry", the Departments of Exit-Entry of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China (also called "migration" by foreigners at the household level) have the right to require additional documents from foreigners other than those specified in this article. , so always check the full list of documents directly with the PRC public security authorities in your city.



1. Your visa (permit) has expired and there are currently no flights between China and your country and you cannot leave the territory of China


2. For medical reasons, you cannot leave China at the moment

3. Your relative is in China with you, who, for medical reasons, cannot leave China at the moment and needs your help


4. You have an unfinished business relationship with Chinese organizations (for example, you have not paid for the delivery of any goods or services) and your departure may damage their financial or business stability


5. You have just been fired from a Chinese company and you have a letter of resignation

6.Other humanitarian or financial reasons preventing you from leaving China


All of the above grounds must be supported by Chinese or legalized foreign documents.

Depending on the complexity of the case and the circumstances presented by the applicant, the Department of Exit-Entry in your city in China may require proof of relationship (birth certificate, marriage certificate), as well as information that the applicant will be provided with financial support in China, as well as other evidence confirming the emergency and humanitarian situation.


In order for the documents to be accepted, the applicant must fulfill the following conditions:

1.Evidence that you will receive financial assistance

2. Indicate the reasons why other types of visas (permit) cannot be obtained

3. Indicate the reasons why humanitarian status should be granted.

Additional documents may also be required confirming the circumstances that the applicant or his sponsor draws attention to.


The above information is for reference and general purposes only, the final decision will be made by the Exit-Departure Department in your city in China, who may specify additional conditions for you.


If your employer is issuing a "China Work Permit" so that you can later obtain a residence permit for the reason of working in China (colloquially referred to as a work visa) and the processing period exceeds the validity of your current visa, you can contact your local Entry-Exit Department to extend your current visa (permit) or to obtain a humanitarian visa.


To do this, you need to confirm that you have a process for issuing a "China Work Permit", the main document will be 外国人来工作可申 (Application for Work Permit for Foreigners) it must be fully completed, signed and with the company seal.


This document is the main one due to the fact that it can only be obtained when the employer fills out all the online forms with your data in the process of online applying for a job in China through the Alien Employment System (this document is downloaded completed at the end of filling out all forms in this System - the employer must know this)