On the Hainan Island, the air will become even cleaner, much cleaner than in other regions of China

A few days ago, the Government of China approved a new "Circular on Strengthening Prevention and Combating Air Pollution in Hainan Province," according to which the control measures for sources of air pollution in the cities of Hainan Island will be strengthened. Among the main air pollution control measures, it is planned to completely prohibit the use of coal in all spheres of the economy of Hainan Island, the level of pollution from vehicle and vessel emissions will be more strictly controlled, and private cars will be allowed to enter the Hainan Island from the mainland of China. The Circular proposes to take special measures to prevent and control pollution from dust during construction in order to ensure that construction sites strictly implement six-hundred percent of the "watering, coating, hardening, washing, afforestation and fencing" measures to prevent pollution from building materials and engineering waste. By the end of 2017, road mechanization in Haikou, Sanya and Zhuozhou settlements will reach 80%, and road mechanization in settlements of other cities and counties will reach over 60%, reaching 90% and 80% or more by the end of 2018, due to This will be gradually implemented a plan to limit the access of private cars to the island of Hainan. The supervision over the operation of environmental protection facilities in the cement, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, glass and other industries will be strengthened, and a ban on all coal-fired boilers will be introduced by the end of 2017. The supervision of the construction materials market will be strengthened, the sales of paint and other chemicals will be reduced, the development of open fires and open burning of garbage will be prohibited, and fireworks will be monitored during the Spring Festival and other holidays.