Golden Moon Bay project in Dongfang, Hainan with an investment of 1 billion yuan to be completed in 2023

The startup project on the east coast of Golden Moon Bay is one of the investment projects in Dongfang City on Hainan Island, China in recent years. Dongfang Desheng Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. has invested in this project. It is a tourist resort combining special meals, leisure time and medical care. The total investment in the second phase of the project is 1 billion RMB, and the total construction area is about 60,000 square meters. Construction is currently underway and is expected to be commissioned in 2023.


The construction of the second and third phases of the project covers accommodation, entertainment, leisure and recreation. Upon completion of the hotel's construction, he will fill a vacancy in the five-star Oriental Hotel and provide over 400 jobs. According to Wen Dazhen, manager of the company's development department, in June 2020, the Jinyuwan Innovation and Technology Industrial Park project settled in Dongfang City with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. Construction is slated to begin in March 2021, and upon completion, it will provide Dongfang City with a large number of high-quality businesses.


In addition to the Oriental Golden Moon Bay start-up project and the Golden Moon Bay Innovation and Technology Industrial Park project, there are projects such as Jiayuan Oriental Sochi, Xiulan Golden Moon Bay. Sunshine Sea International Health Cultural Region and Jingue Bay Coconut Town have been completed and operational.


Recently, Dongfang City hosted a Rural Revitalization and Investment Promotion Workshop, the city continues to raise awareness of services, continually optimize the business environment, and strive to raise investment incentives, attracting traders from all over the world to promote rural revitalization and economic development.


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